9 Army Battle Field & Historical Park

As a border region to Burma, Kanchanaburi was the location of a great battle under the command of King Rama 1 who successfully defended the Kingdom of SIAM (as Thailand was then known) against an invasion by King Bodawpaya of BURMA (nowadays called Myanmar) in 1795.

This very famous historical battle between Thailand and Burma is commemorated and honoured by Thai historians, under the name of « The 9 Army Battle » during which the Thai troops were greatly out numbered with only 70 000 soldiers against Burma’s 90 000.

It is revered as one of the major reasons why Thailand has managed to sustain its national pride and sovereignty as this country has never been occupied, nor colonized by any foreign power to this day.

Created by the Royal Thai Army, the 9 Army Battle Historical Park in Kanchanaburi is an interesting historical research centre, as well as a very informative attraction which shows an important national event in Thai history.