Safari Park

The Safari Park in Kanchanaburi  is only 28 kilometers away  from the city. It  is an open style zoo set in a vast natural landscape which  features a wide variety of animals to view and enjoy, including : camels, tigers, lions, bears, leopards, elephants, deers, zebras, llamas, ostrich, flamingos, giraffes, parrots, etc. The park also runs daily elephant and crocodile shows which are captivatingly entertaining since they mainly highlight the great intelligence of these specific animals. You can tour around the park in your own car, but the best recommended way to enjoy the visit is to take the park’s sightseeing bus. Before departure, bowls of food (bananas, vegetables, carrots, etc ) are available for sale for just a few Baht, to hand feed the animals from  within the bus .

The  driver will then  take you slowly through each section, giving explanations as well as excellent photo opportunities. Riding the bus is really great fun since it allows you to get  «up close and personal» with several animals, most notably the friendly funny giraffes  which (without any danger) stretch their necks and push their heads all the way through the windows of the bus in a desperate carrot grab ! Visiting the Kanchanaburi Safari Park Open Zoo is definitely great excitement for everybody, of all ages ! A unique place, which offers the wonderful experience to cuddle certain animals affectionately and even hug them around the neck : a great experience, highly recommended.

Entrance fee to Kanchanaburi Safari Park = 450 Bahts (11.50 €) per person.