Elephants Morning Activities and  Afternoon Bathing and Relaxing at Jungle Oasis (K.E.P. 5 Full Day Program)

Morning Program :  Elephant Activities

K.E.P 5 Elephant  morning  program allows Private Bareback Riding  activities  along the River Kwai  and  tropical plantations surrounded by beautiful mountains.

During this program, you always and only  sit behind the elephant’s neck (never on a seat !), which is the best; very traditional and natural Mahout way of riding an elephant Private  Bareback riding time is minimum 1 hour : the more the elephants enjoy their time with you, the longer the riding will last

Magic K.E.P Elephant Breakfast :

K.E.P Bareback Riding Program  allows you to feed directly yourself the elephants prior to riding them : this is by far  an excellent and very best, way (!)  to make friends with elephants before riding them bareback afterwards  !

Their meal is composed of banana trees and leaves as well as banana fruits and various other tropical fruits, which elephants love to eat so much.

Private Bathing ( 30/45 Minutes) with the Elephants in the River Kwai : This additional  program to private bareback riding  allows you to  enjoy having a bath together with elephants in the River Kwai. All participants have a lot of fun as  elephants and visitors  perfectly bond with each other in the water !

Private Bamboo Rafting ( 30/45 Minutes) on the River Kwai :  This program  offers the « magic » opportunity of sailing on the River Kwai on board of an exotic bamboo raft.  During this activity, you may :

 – either enjoy sailing on the river in a silent way, with no effort at all from your part by floating and guiding very easily yourself the bamboo raft on the water,

–  or  jump from the raft into  the River Kwai in order to swim and float independently with no effort, being simply pushed by the natural current of the river flowing downstream, thanks to the use of safety floating jackets put at your disposal.

A generous private Thai Lunch is then specially prepared for you and served in a riverside authentic Thai family restaurant located along the River Kwai.

Afternoon Program : Bathing and Relaxing at Jungle Oasis 15 Water Ponds

Welcome to Jungle Oasis, in  Kanchanaburi province, West of Bangkok,  Central  Thailand where Mother Nature  created one of the most natural of all wonders in the world :  Natural Hot and Cold  Mineral Waters in a secluded jungle oasis along the River Kwai.

Heated deep within the earth, the hot spring waters from Kanchanaburi are  produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that naturally rises from the Earth’s crust.  Jungle Oasis’ crystal clear waters are famous for their mineral content, legendary healing powers and restorative cures from the bubbling waters.

Whether you wish to treat a health problem, or simply relax in the hot or cold waters of natural mineral pools, come and enjoy the health-giving properties of Kanchanaburi Jungle Oasis hot and cold mineral waters.  Just relaxing in a mineral hot water pool relieves stress and fatigue from the mind and body. Soaking in these  waters eases stiffness and pain of the muscles and joints,  helps increasing  blood circulation and oxygen flow. While stress is relieved by the natural heat, the minerals absorbed through the skin rejuvenate the body, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Kanchanaburi Jungle Oasis consists of 15 outdoor  different  mineral pools which are constantly drained and sanitized all day long. This unique health resort is open seven days a week, all year round.

Boasting breathtaking views of the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi Jungle Oasis is a real magical place, a relaxing hideaway where each guest is reborn in the opulence of nature, in a tasteful uncluttered environment. The architecture of the place melts perfectly with the nature with numerous  trees and flowers,  together with the River Kwai that runs along the side of the structure : it gives the sensation of an ecologically friendly environment with an elegant and exquisitely designed facility.

As soon as you walk in the door, everyone among the  staff is unbelievably kind and so relaxed themselves that you immediately feel at home : this makes you feel like your walking on a cloud when slipping into the magic liquid bliss.  The staff are discreet, helpful, polite and always available whenever  you need their assistance  :  the  program  consists of a great treat, either for yourself, or to share with a loved one, or together with your family, during  3 hours, including 30 minutes leg and foot individual relaxing  massage, followed by relaxing at your own personal pace during 2 hours and 3 minutes in the waters.

If you have gotten caught up in a very fast-paced lifestyle and do not get much of a chance to relax, if you want peace and quiet and search for  a real get away in Thailand , then look no further ! On a scale of 1 to 10, Kanchanaburi Jungle Oasis  rates an 11 ! This place is truly one of the best Kanchanaburi  hidden treasures, a wonderful hidden jewel and special nest  set up in a rainforest  along the River Kwai  which allows  to relax, unwind and rejuvenate your energies and spirits,  in a serene natural environment that works wonders, in a total relaxation atmosphere.

Peace, harmony, silence, nature, trees, flowers, water,  paradise,  heaven on earth ..  : these are all words that come to mind at Kanchanaburi Jungle Oasis where the relaxing atmosphere and quietness  make you want to do nothing .. but relax and enjoy… forever and ever !

in Private Mini-Bus, with Driver.

Minimum 2 persons – Maximum 8 Participants – Minimum age required for KEP Elephant activities : 10 Years old : Please contact KEP in case of wishing to participate with lower aged children, as the minimum age condition of 10 can be lowered down to 8, or 6 (not less !), under certain conditions.

1) From & Return to KANCHANABURI Hotel, or Resotel Pier, in Kanchanaburi. (Departure : 8.00 am, Return : 5.30 pm)







Price per pers. in Baht 8200 ฿ 7400 ฿ 7300 ฿ 7100 ฿ 6900 ฿
Price per pers. in Euro 205 € 185 € 182 € 178 € 172 €

2) From & return to BANGKOK Hotel or Private Home in Bangkok (Departure : 6.00 am, Return : 7.30 pm)







Price per pers. in Baht 9000 ฿ 7900 ฿ 7600 ฿ 7300 ฿ 7100 ฿
Price per pers. in Euro 225 € 198 € 190 € 182 € 178 €

K.E.P. 5 full day program includes :

All Day Return Transport in a Private Bus with Driver.
Feed Elephants yourself (Elephant Breakfast) – One (1) hour Private Elephant Bareback Riding along the River Kwai & along Tropical Plantations –
Private bathing with the Elephants in the River Kwai – Private rafting cruise on the River Kwai on board authentic bamboo rafts –
Authentic Thai lunch prepared and served in an authentic Thai local riverside restaurant –
AFTERNOON ACTIVITY : 3 Hours Relaxation at Kanchanaburi Jungle Oasis, including  30 Minute Foot & Leg Massage to start followed by relaxing – at your own personal pace –  in 15 successive Mineral Water Ponds.
Stop over at Kanchanaburi City for free inspection of the Bridge over the River Kwai at the end of the afternoon, on the way back to your hotel, either in Kanchanaburi city, or in Bangkok.