Elephants Morning Activities & Afternoon Aquarafting Hipporaft Cruise (K.E.P 6 Full Day Program)

Morning Program : Elephant Activities

K.E.P 6 Elephant  morning  program allows Private  Bareback Riding  activities  along the River Kwai  and  tropical plantations. During this program, you always and only  sit behind the elephant’s neck (never on a seat), which is the best  traditional and natural Mahout way of riding an elephant. Bareback riding time is minimum 1 hour

Magic K.E.P Elephant Breakfast :

K.E.P Bareback Riding Program  allows you to feed directly yourself the elephants prior to riding them : this is by far  an excellent and very best, way (!)  to make friends with elephants before riding them bareback afterwards  !

Their meal is composed of banana trees and leaves as well as banana fruits and various other tropical fruits, which elephants love to eat so much.

Private Bathing ( 30/45 Minutes) with the Elephants in the River Kwai : This additional  program to bareback riding  allows you to  enjoy having a bath together with elephants in the River Kwai. All participants have a lot of fun as  elephants and visitors  perfectly bond with each other in the water !

Private Bamboo Rafting ( 30/45 Minutes) on the River Kwai :  This program  offers the « magic » opportunity of sailing on the River Kwai on board of an exotic bamboo raft. During this activity, you may :

– either enjoy sailing on the river in a silent way, with no effort at all from your part by floating and guiding very easily yourself the bamboo raft on the water,

–  or  jump from the raft into  the River Kwai in order to swim and float independently with no effort, being simply pushed by the natural current of the river flowing downstream, thanks to the use of safety floating jackets put at your disposal.

A generous private Thai Lunch is then specially prepared for you and served in a  riverside authentic Thai family restaurant located along the River Kwai.

Afternoon Program : Aquarafting – Hipporaft cruise on the River Kwai

An Aquarafting-Hipporaft cruise  on the River Kwai on board Hipporaft Bamboo Raft  is by far one of the best and most original white water rafting trip in Thailand. It is an adventure you won’t want to miss. A River Kwai Aquarafting trip  provides a lot of excitement including  paddling, kayaking, swimming in the River Kwai, relaxing, reading a book while sitting in a comfortable relax chair available on board, bird watching, etc. It helps removing people from their stressful working lives and putting them in a situation where they can relax and experience new challenges and excitement. At KART (Kanchanaburi Aquarafing Team)  our goal is for our guests to have the most enjoyable and exciting adventure vacation possible. You will have with us the time of your life : We guarantee it !

KART River Kwai Aquarafting trip provides a fun experience for everyone without being risky or uncomfortable : it is a suitable river trip for all fitness and skill levels :  even non-swimmers can take part of the activity.  Our scenic float trips are informative, fun and enjoyable for all ages, and skill levels from first timer to expert,  without a steep level of challenge : previous rafting experience is therefore not required at all thanks to the perfect floating and easy paddling control of HippoRaft on the river.


A family friendly rafting trip on the River Kwai may just be the best family adventure vacation in Thailand. This is your opportunity to share the outdoors with your children and friends who will  thank you for the most amazing adventure vacation yet ! The relaxed atmosphere on the river gives  a family and friends’ rafting vacation full of unforgettable outdoor adventure. Our guides are also experienced working with kids,  who may be fearful of the water, or perhaps ..not fearful enough. They are skilled in knowing how to gently teach young rafters how to be safe on the water, while keeping them motivated in order  to maximize together their « fun factor ».


To ensure your safety and comfort,  is our N°1 priority, thanks to the collaboration of certified and experienced  rafting guides who form part of our highly trained staff : they are  all professionally trained in whitewater rescue, all aspects of river safety, logistics and emergency preparedness.

Everyone of board Hipporaft wears a coast guard approved life vest, or personal  flotation device. The first role of this  piece of  equipment is of course for safety purpose, but it is also and excellent device in order to keep you afloat when swimming as many times, and as long as you wish,  in the River Kwai where there is, of course, no presence  of  crocodiles, nor any dangerous other  animals.


The view across many parts of the River Kwai is total wilderness, not even a hint of development. Surrounded by stunning wilderness scenery and beautiful nearby mountains, the River Kwai runs smoothly through a pristine, natural landscape that features both a forested and open meadow environment. This special part of Thailand is home to an abundance of wildlife and other bird life.

Each trip includes information by our staff  on wildlife, history, geology, flora and fauna,  as well as  any special interest you may want to explore, which our guides are always happy to share with you..

The trip has a perfect length ( 3 hours actual floating time) which is perfect in order to fully experience a River Kwai adventure.


Hipporaft  is « state of the art » in terms of maximum stability conception, thanks to its perfect  bamboo heavy duty  floating  platform  built on an  original  air floor composed of 18 separate  air chambers : these chambers are  in fact 18  truck heavy duty  air tubes.

HippoRaft  has outstanding dimensions (8  Meter Length  x 4 Meter Width), an exceptional loading capacity of 1 Ton ( ! ), which means that  a maximum number of  10 people, and 3 kayaks  can safely be accepted on board.


The HippoRaft  paddling trip, which navigates several miles of placid water is great for kayakers of all experience levels, no matter what level,  from first time kayakers, beginners to intermediates as well as to whitewater veterans. Our skilled kayaking instructors will hone your whitewater kayaking skills so that you can perfectly kayak with confidence on the River Kwai.


The raft may stop any time  on the riverbanks in order  to give you a chance to have a break and explore idyllic riverside beaches along the way, relax for a while on the beach sand while watching and listening to the sights and sounds of the River Kwai,  swim in the river  from the raft to the beach, or vice-versa, etc.


Scenery : Tropical Asian Environment

Season : Year-round with  River Kwai average  water temperature (minimum 18°C – maximum 28°C)

Time :  A HippoRaft River Kwai cruise takes  place either in the afternoon (KEP 6 Program) or in the morning (AJO 7 Program)  : it is  available throughout the year and lasts 3 hours.

Minimum age : 6 years old. No age limit for elder participants

Location : Kanchanaburi Region – West of Bangkok – Central Thailand

Very important note !  Aquarafting-HippoRaft  specific program forms part of a  full day getaway program (KEP 6 or AJO 7). It cannot be booked, nor set up  separately, means  on  a separate and only  Half day activity.


Aquarafting on the River Kwai on board HippoRaft is fabulous fun, as well as an exciting, relaxing and scenic  « once in a lifetime »  experience during  a  stunningly beautiful  getaway  day to Kanchanaburi  in Central Thailand  near Bangkok,  which, once you are on board and sail  on the River Kwai … you wish it  would just keep going ..forever and ever !

in Private Mini-Bus, with Driver.

Minimum 2 persons – Maximum 8 Participants – Minimum age required for KEP Elephant activities : 10 Years old : Please contact KEP in case of wishing to participate with lower aged children, as the minimum age condition of 10 can be lowered down to 8, or 6 (not less !), under certain conditions.

1) From & Return to KANCHANABURI Hotel, or Resotel Pier, in Kanchanaburi. (Departure : 8.00 am, Return : 5.30 pm)







Price per pers. in Baht 8500 ฿ 7600 ฿ 7400 ฿ 7200 ฿ 6800 ฿
Price per pers. in Euro 212 € 190 € 185 € 180 € 170 €

2) From & return to BANGKOK Hotel or Private Home in Bangkok (Departure : 6.00 am, Return : 7.30 pm)







Price per pers. in Baht 9300 ฿ 8100 ฿ 7700 ฿ 7400 ฿ 7000 ฿
Price per pers. in Euro 232 € 202 € 192 € 185 € 175 €

K.E.P. 6 program includes : All Day Return Transport in a Private Bus with Driver.
Feed Elephants yourself (Elephant Breakfast) – One (1) hour Private Elephant Bareback Riding along the River Kwai & along Tropical Plantations –
Private bathing with the Elephants in the River Kwai – Private rafting cruise on the River Kwai on board authentic bamboo rafts – Authentic Thai lunch prepared and served in an authentic Thai local riverside restaurant
AFTERNOON ACTIVITY : 3 Hours Aquarafting-Hipporaft relaxation cruise on the River Kwai
Stop over at Kanchanaburi City for free inspection of the Bridge over the River Kwai at the end of the afternoon, on the way back to your hotel, either in Kanchanaburi City, or in Bangkok.