Elephants and 9 Optional Activities (K.E.P 1 Full Day Program)

Morning Program :  Elephant Activities

KEP 1  Elephant morning  program allows Private Bareback Riding  activities  along the River Kwai  and  tropical plantations. During this program, you always and only  sit behind the elephant’s neck (never on a seat), which is the very traditional and natural Mahout way of riding an elephant. Bareback riding time is minimum 1 hour.

Magic KEP Elephant Breakfast :

KEP Private Bareback Riding Program  allows you to feed directly yourself the elephants prior to riding them : this is by far  an excellent and very best, way (!)  to make friends with elephants before riding them bareback afterwards  !

Their meal is composed of banana trees and leaves as well as banana fruits and various other tropical fruits, which elephants love to eat so much.

Private Bathing ( 30/45 Minutes) with the Elephants in the River Kwai : This additional  program to bareback riding  allows you to  enjoy having a bath together with elephants in the River Kwai. All participants have a lot of fun as  elephants and visitors  perfectly bond with each other in the water !

Private Bamboo Rafting (  30/45 Minutes) on the River Kwai :  This program  offers the « magic » opportunity of sailing on the River Kwai on board of an exotic bamboo raft.  You may :

– either enjoy sailing on the river in a silent way, with no effort at all from your part by floating and guiding very easily yourself the bamboo raft on the water,

–  or  jump from the raft into  the River Kwai in order to swim and float independently with no effort, being simply pushed by the natural current of the river flowing downstream, thanks to the use of safety floating jackets put at your disposal.

A generous private Thai Lunch is then prepared for you only and served in an authentic Thai riverside restaurant located along the River Kwai.

Important note :

KEP 1 Half day elephant morning activities program include all day return transport, as well as all morning elephant activities ( Private bareback riding + Private bathing with the elephants in the River Kwai + Private bamboo rafting on the River Kwai), and a private generous Thai authentic lunch prepared for you and served  in a riverside authentic Thai restaurant located along the River Kwai

Entrance fees and participation fees to afternoon optional activities are NOT included in KEP 1 rates : these fees must be paid directly, and individually on site by each participant.

Afternoon Program : Choice of 9 Optional Activities  ( Only one program of activity can be selected per afternoon,  due to long travel distances between all programs).

KEP 1.1 : 2 Forest temples : Wat Tam Poowa and Wat Mettatam (no entrance fee to be paid in order to access and visit  these 2 temples)

KEP 1.2 : 2 Hill temples, overlooking the River Kwai : Wat Bane Tam and Wat Tam Süewa (no entrance fee to be paid in order to access and visit these 2 temples)

KEP 1.3 : Treetop Zipline Adventure : Participation cost = 1900 Bahts (48 €) per person

KEP 1.4 : Hellfire Pass Memorial + Tam Krasae World War 2 Wooden Viaduct (No entrance fee in order to access and visit these 2 places)

KEP 1.5 : Hellfire Pass Memorial (free access)  + One (1) hour  Bathing & Relaxing at KEP Private Hotspring in a forest  (400 Bahts (10 €)  per person)

KEP 1.6 : One (1) hour Bathing & Relaxing at KEP Private Hotspring in a forest (400 Bahts (10 €) per person)

KEP 1.7 : Kayak on the River Kwai (2 hours kayaking trip) : 600 Bahts (15 €) per person

KEP 1.8 : Long Tail Boat Sightseing Cruise on the River Kwai : Lumpsum fee = 1000 Bahts (25 €) for the hire of the long tail boat, driver included. 1 Hour 30 minute duration. Minimum 2 – Maximum 6 persons on board

KEP 1.9 : Hydrobike Fun Waterbiking  ride on the River Kwai, together with a unique opportunity of taking panoramic photos of the Bridge from the River Kwai, while riding Hydrobike  : 400 Bahts (10 €)  per person for a 30 minute ride.

in Private Mini-Bus, with Driver.
(Minimum 2 – Maximum 8 Participants – Minimum age required for KEP elephant activities : 12 Years old : Please contact us in case of any lower aged participant

1) From & Return to KANCHANABURI Hotel, or Resotel Pier, in Kanchanaburi. (Departure : 8.00 am, Return : 5.30 pm)

TOTAL Nb. of persons






Price per pers. in Baht 5100 ฿ 4500 ฿ 4400 ฿ 4200 ฿ 4000 ฿
Price per pers. in Euro 128 € 112 € 110 € 105 € 100 €

2) From & return to BANGKOK Hotel or Private Home in Bangkok (Departure : 6.00 am, Return : 7.30 pm)

TOTAL Nb. of persons






Price per pers. in Baht 5900 ฿ 5000 ฿ 4700 ฿ 4400 ฿ 4200 ฿
Price per pers. in Euro 148 € 125 € 118 € 110 € 105 €

K.E.P. 1 program includes :
Feed Elephants yourself (Elephant Breakfast) – One (1) Hour Bareback Riding along the River Kwai and Tropical Plantations – Private bathing with Elephants in the River Kwai – Private Bamboo Rafting on the River Kwai on board authentic bamboo rafts – Private Thai lunch prepared for you only and served in an authentic riverside Thai restaurant.
Entrance fee & Participation cost to Afternoon Activities are NOT included in K.E.P. 1 rates: Free choice among 9 optional afternoon activities, which fees must be paid locally and individually on site by each participant