Death Railway Hellfire Pass Memorial

Death Railway Memorial

The Burma Railway, also known as the Death Railway or the Thailand-Burma Railway was a 415 km (258 mile) railway built by prisoners of war between Bangkok-Thailand and Rangoon- Burma (now called Myanmar). It was due to be built under the decision of the Empire of Japan during World War II in order to support its forces in the Burma campaign.

Hellfire Pass

Hellfire Pass Hellfire Pass or “Chong Khao Kad” as it is called in Thai, is located only 250 metres from

the entrance to the Memorial and is easily accessible via the “Stairway Path”. It not only gives the visitor the opportunity to walk into the cutting the same way that the POWs (Prisoners Of War) went to work, but visitors also walk through a grove of large bamboo and can look down from the lookouts above the entrance to the cutting. This view provides the most memorable views of Hellfire Pass and an understanding how it derived its name and the sacrifice made by the men who made it by hand. It is estimated that up to 100.000 Asian labourers and 16.000 Allied POWs (Prisoners of War) died from beatings, starvation, disease and exhaustion during the construction of the railway.

Entrance to the Memorial and the Hellfire Pass is free of charge. Closing time = 4.30 PM. Advice : Make sure you arrive around 3.45 PM at the latest.