Temples of Kanchanaburi

The beauty and real diversity of Kanchanaburi temples are absolutely unique anywhere in the world, all encompassed within a 15 to 20 kilometer distance around Kanchanaburi city. Some of the temples are very original since they are beautiful hill cave temples, with either staircase or cable car access. Others are located near a lake, or right by the River Kwai, with wonderful scenery across the water in all cases. One of them is a unique underground cave temple, composed of easily accessible 9 successive grottos, all showing different statues of Buddha.

Even more impressive, is a superb Chinese temple, way off the usual beaten tourist routes, deep in the middle of luxurious forests : a real masterpiece of art and Asian traditional craft, giving an excellent opportunity to take wonderful and unique quality photographs. Visiting Kanchanaburi temples is an experience quite unique. There is NO ENTRANCE FEE when visiting temples in Kanchanaburi (Donations made directly to the temples, depending on everyone’s mind and personal initiative, are nevertheless more than  welcome by the monks)